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Get ready for the Big Link Up!

Published 13 October 2010

We have been so excited by the positive response to the Big Link Up so far – with partners across the country getting in touch to tell us about their Link Up plans.

Through the Big Link Up the CLA will be asking everyone our Campaign Questions to gather ideas and opinions for the national strategy for Cultural Learning.

•  What barriers do you see to the delivery of cultural learning?

•  What new kinds of partnerships and online support are needed to take cultural learning forward?

•  What one key idea for the future delivery of cultural learning would you like to share with other professionals?

By getting involved you can let us know your thoughts.

The Big Link Up will be launched through a series of events and interventions delivered across the country in the last week of November 2010.

We want teachers, artists, organisations, parents, young people, and policy makers across the country to take part and there are various ways to do so:

•      Host a Link Up Event: organise a Link-Up Event in your local area with cultural practitioners, teachers and members of your local cultural learning network.

•      Run an Assembly Event: Organise a cultural learning Assembly in your school. You can celebrate the cultural learning work you already do and engage young people in a conversation about the importance of cultural learning.

•      Watch the Big Link Up Live: Join the The Big Link Up National Event broadcast live online and have your say on the campaign questions.  Hear from Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries on his vision for cultural learning.

•      The Big Link Up National Event will bring invited cultural learning leaders, teachers and decision-makers together with local partners to discuss how to maintain and further this activity for children and young people

If your organisation is holding a conference, seminar or event in November about culture and learning we would love to hear from you and find out how we can work together.

Go to or e-mail to find out more.


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The Big Link Up
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