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Government Review of Cultural Education

Published 21 April 2011

The much awaited  DCMS/DfE Review of Cultural Education has now been launched. Darren Henley, Managing Director of Classic FM, has been asked to lead the review and build on his work on the recent Review of Music Education. You can read Ed Vaizey’s letter of invitation to Darren here.

The CLA will be working closely with the review  team, and will be meeting with them very early in May to discuss ways forward. Last month we sent a letter outlining some of the thoughts, definitions and assumptions of the  Alliance. If you missed it in our last round-up, here it is again.

Darren Henley is already calling for contributions to the debate via an online form: The survey asks six main questions about cultural learning:

  1. How would you define cultural education?
  2. What is the value of cultural education and how do you measure this value?
  3. What cultural education do you think a child should experience at each key stage?
  4. What is it that works best about the way cultural education is currently delivered? Please include links to any research you think substantiates your claims.
  5. What is it that could or should be working better in the way that cultural education is currently delivered?
  6. If we had a blank sheet of paper, what would be your view of the ideal funding and delivery structure for cultural education?

The Cultural Learning Alliance LinkedIn Group has been debating the definition of cultural learning, and you can join the discussion and add your thoughts to it here. Alliance member Bridget McKenzie of Flow Associates has also written a blog piece to generate debate.

The closing date for responses to this stage of the Review is May 20th – please do respond, and copy your thoughts to us at


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