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The principal difference I can see between young people at Eton and those in our partner state schools is that the cultural reservoirs of our boys are continuously filled.

Tony Little
Head Master, Eton


Can you help spread the word about the Alliance and help us to get 5,000 signatories?

Published 21 July 2010

With cuts to both education and cultural sector budgets, the future of cultural learning is uncertain. We need to be able to show the collective strength of support for cultural learning. One way of doing is this is through increasing the number of signatories to the Cultural Learning Alliance. We have already got significant support, but we think we could reach 5,000 signatories with your help.

We’re inviting anyone who thinks cultural experiences – of museums, music, dance, literature, visual arts, theatre, new media, arts, film, libraries, heritage – are important for children and young people, to sign up to the Alliance. The Alliance provides Heads, teachers, cultural and youth professionals with the most up-to-date research, news and best practice, as well as building a vibrant, coherent and informed voice for cultural learning and participation.

Lord Puttnam, Chair of the Alliance says: 'The Alliance is an opportunity to work together towards ensuring that all children and young people have their full entitlement to quality cultural learning. Our immediate challenge is to collectively increase awareness of the value of cultural learning for children while policy and funding decisions are' being 'made over the autumn.'

If you can help us to spread the word of the Alliance to your networks, we have e-flyers available. We’d love to hear from you at


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