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If we fail to offer our young people the opportunity to
participate in the arts and culture, then we fail to support them in becoming the leading thinkers, innovators, creative business and community leaders of the future

Lord Puttnam, Chair of the Cultural Learning Alliance
ImagineNation: The Case for Cultural Learning



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Adrian Chappell 
Sarah Turner Concerned Parent
Alex Davies Teacher
Kidbrooke School
Paulette Luff Senior lecturer
Anglia Ruskin University
Noel Jordan Education Manager
Melbourne Theatre Company
Liz McCaffry Payne General Manager
OYAP Trust
Georgie Goddard Regional Executive Officer
Youth Music
Robert Mcneill Teacher
St James Indep. School
Phillida Cheetham researcher
Rachel Mather Contracts Coordinator
Leeds City College
Guy Williams Drama
The Sir Robert Woodard Academy
Marie Marden Concerned Parent
Päivi Seppälä Director
LV21 Ltd
Penni Pierce 
Elizabeth Ditton Teacher
Nacton CEVC Primary School

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