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From our first consciousness until our last, we should sing every song and dance every dance from every part of the world as we go on our journey to become the men and women we are

David Lan
Artistic Director, Young Vic



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Katy Beale 
Laura Hamlet Project Coordinator
OYAP Trust
Joff Whitten bridge programme manager
norfolk and norwich festival
Will Sutton Concerned Supporter
Boo Hodges Creative agent
Colourwheels and Youth Booth
alita mills Director
Southampton Music Services
Helen Simpson Director
Jane Capon Information officer
choir schools' association
Michael Forbes Storyteller
Emmie Kell Director
Emmie Kell Consulting
Sandy Mahal Senior Project Manager - Partnerships
The Reading Agency
Faye Power Craftsperson/Teacher
Jon Nicholls Arts College Manager And School Of Creativity Co-o
Thomas Tallis School
John Motley Team Leader
Maria Webster Teacher
St Thomas More High School

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