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We shouldn’t be wondering whether children need art and music and stories and poems any more than wondering whether plants need water

Philip Pullman



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Huttson Lo Arts & heritage Development Manager
Wigan Leisure & Culture Trust
Liz Director/Editor
Katherine Smurthwaite Concerned Parent
Jenny Phillips Learning & Access Officer
North Norfolk Railway
David Tranmer Head of Art
Andrew Marvell College
Annika Joy 
Andrew Whincup Learning & Access Officer
Royal Marines Museum
Fiona MacGregor Art and Design Lecturer
University of glasgow
Debbie Higham Teacher
The Vine School
Pauline Matthew Young Arts Co-operatives Co-ordinator
Voluntary Arts Ireland
Daisy Moorcroft Trainee
Hollie Wharton Teacher
Woodgreen School
Christine Barrow 
Lorna Sanders education consultant
marie hayes Teacher
hampton hargate primary school

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