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When you live with degradation depleting your resources, the magical artistic experience becomes a source of hope; a vision beyond the despair, an indication of how bad could be transformed into better

Camila Batmangelidjh
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Leading international experts brought together for world conference on arts education

Published 15 June 2010

The Second World Conference on Arts Education was held in Seoul in May. Experts from across the globe convened to exchange ideas on current practice, research and to reflect on the implementation of the Road Map for arts education which was introduced in 2009.

Contributors focused on three themes: the implementation of the Road Map; reinforcement of the socio-cultural dimensions of cultural education; and research capacities on arts education and their practical applications.

As we consider how best to advocate for cultural learning in the current financial and political climate, and what evidence best supports our case, it’s worth looking abroad to consider what we can learn and what the common challenges are. There is plenty to be learnt from the experience of other countries and much in the papers from this conference that gives food for thought. Whilst the conference website doesn’t include all of the final presentations in full, it’s worth a search through the papers to find pieces of interest and inspiration.


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