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The principal difference I can see between young people at Eton and those in our partner state schools is that the cultural reservoirs of our boys are continuously filled.

Tony Little
Head Master, Eton



The following organisations work in London and provide networks, advice and training for those working in cultural learning.

A New Direction is an independent charity working with London's schools and young people to develop creative approaches to teaching and learning, build aspirations and skills, and connect young people to their city and the opportunities around them. A New Direction runs Creative Partnerships across the 21 London boroughs and InLondon– a new interactive schools network for all London schools interested in creative teaching and learning.

Working with Children’s Services was initially inspired by the national DCMS/DCSF Find Your Talent programme, and Arts Council England’s London-facing Creative Services project. As the project has subsequently taken shape it has been strongly influenced by the work of Local Government Improvement and Development (formerly IDeA) to encourage the participation of culture, art, heritage and sport in the strategic commissioning of local services for children and other groups. Resources including case studies and training information are available on their website.
Cultural Campus, BFI. Photo: Olivia Hemingway
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