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The principal difference I can see between young people at Eton and those in our partner state schools is that the cultural reservoirs of our boys are continuously filled.

Tony Little
Head Master, Eton


Museums and Heritage

These organisations provide specialist advice, guidance, networks and professional development for museum and heritage educators.

Group for Education in Museums (GEM) is for everyone concerned with the importance of learning through museums and galleries, and represents more than 2,000 learning and access professionals from museums and galleries and other cultural organisations in the UK and worldwide.

The Historical Association have been supporting the study and enjoyment of history since 1906. With over 6000 members the HA is the major national organisation representing the case for an historical education to policy makers and ministers. They advise on curriculum issues at all levels and campaign for access to specialist historical knowledge and collections.

The Heritage Education Trust recognises and promotes good practice in learning services within the historic environment and related collections. The Trust adminsters the Sandford Awards for heritage education.

Craftspace Craft=Skills for Life workshop at Ishango Science Club © Anand Chhabra
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