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A library in the middle of a community is a cross between an emergency exit, a life-raft and a festival. They are cathedrals of the mind; hospitals of the soul; theme parks of the imagination.

Caitlin Moran
The Times, 18 August 2011


Visual Art

These organisations provide specialist advice, guidance, networks and professional development in visual art.

engage promotes access to, enjoyment and understanding of the visual arts through gallery education – projects and programmes which help school children and the wider community become confident in their understanding and enjoyment of the visual arts and galleries. engage provides training opportunities to promote good practice, and helps practitioners pursue careers in gallery education.

The National Society for Education in Art and Design (NSEAD) is the leading national authority concerned with art, craft and design across all phases of education in the United Kingdom. They offer, for a single subscription, the extensive benefits of membership of a professional association, a learned society and a trade union. NSEAD aims to create a vital, articulate, well-informed community of committed art and design educators and practitioners, and to be the key provider of high-quality continuing professional development in the subject area.

VAGA, The Visual Arts and Galleries Association, is a leading independent body and UK-wide professional network promoting the visual arts. VAGA supports and represents organisations and individuals working in all aspects of the visual arts' presentation and development and has a membership that, uniquely bridges the creative, arts and museum sectors. VAGA's vision is to help create a society that has a right to art at its core, with opportunities for all to enjoy the visual arts, to engage with the work of contemporary artists and to find new ways for individual creative expression.

turbinegeneration: House of Memories by The Pushin Museum Group, Moscow. Tate
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